Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trying Again

Hey, it was only a two week lapse. And I'm back, which is the important thing. Gotta' fall off the bike a couple of times before you can ride it, right?

I am sorry to say that there's nothing new to share. I'm working on getting a job as a Production Coordinator/Lighting Designer at Towson for the Department of Dance. I've got some DVDs of performances that Lynda gave me, along with a really REALLY nice recommendation letter. I think that the packet I've put together should be good enough to get me an interview. Once I have that, I think my skill and self-confidence speak for themselves. I'm a person that has made a lot of mistakes, but I've learned from them all and I keep going. That's the important part in my opinion.

It's actually kind of my motto. Strength comes from loss; nothing worth having is gained without overcoming a challenge equal to or greater than the gain. Even just facing the challenge makes you more than you were before. If I do better today than I did yesterday, I am getting better.

Today I blogged. Yesterday I didn't. One small step better.

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