Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Trying to keep a blog is hard work, especially when there's so much other worthless stuff to do in the world. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Not much continues to be what's going on. My work is closed for the week because of Spring Break, so this is going to be a good time to catch up on all the stuff I don't usually do. Need to get some routine lab work done at the doctor's office, get a cleaning at the dentist, do laundry (my least favorite chore), and one or two other things.

Regarding the MS Bike Ride, which I'll be doing on May 17th: it really means a lot to me that so many of my friends are going to support this cause. Everyone knows my Dad and really wants to chip in for his sake. The group is Art's Riders and we are going to have a lot of fun. Bax and the Colonel are going to ride the whole 140 miles!! Supporting their craziness aside, the least I could do was pony up and ride as far as my knees can carry me (I'm signed up to do 30 miles, which make me feel lame). Apparantly, Dean and Tim are also doing the 140, which, let me tell you, just really makes me happy. I'm sad for their legs though.

Hopefully that means I will get to do the short ride with Kristina, which should be a lot of fun. Unlike Adam and Dean, I never got a chance to get to be close with Kristina on her own. I think that's fine, but she's a really cool, upbeat person and I really enjoy her company. It should be really great time all around. Plus, we are supporting a good cause.

Allegedly, the money I am owed by Carefirst (my insurance company) for reimbursement of claims is on it's way this week. I find that suspect, but we'll see. It totals almost $3000 in out-of-pocket expenses from almost a year back; money that came out of my savings and has never made it back in. Hopefully this will be one more thing resolved that lets me move on to the next big thing: TAXES.

It's kinda' sad, but I actually find that I enjoy doing them.

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Evan said...

Now we just need to start actually raising funds for the ride, lol. Tim is kickin some butt right now. I need to step my game up at the office personally.