Thursday, April 10, 2008


One of the many odd side-effects of depression is a tendency to be a little more in-touch with how very short life is and how precious each moment is. (This sentence comes with 200% of your daily requirement of hyphens.) I'm not talking about anything as cliche as "live in the moment", but more that we seem to lack an appreciation for the value of the time we're given. There's an old song from the 80's, "Everybody's Working for the Weekend". The idea that you're just killing time until you can do what you want to be doing.

Well what the hell!?! What's the point of that?

Finding work that is fulfilling and interesting makes it easier, but you can't just go to work and wish away your time. No matter how boring and crappy your work is. Be in those moments...use the down time to write or think or catch up on your reading. Or just work a little harder.

I guess you can tell that my job is pretty boring

This is why philosophy, by the by. If you've ever wondered about the point of philosophy, it really comes down to thinking. It's an attempt to work out how the world works by mental means; a kind of scientific method of experimentation for the mind.

Watch the movie "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins. It's one of my favorites and it's a great example of this idea. Basically this billionaire goes on a flight over Alaska for his birthday and they get stranded in the wilderness. All the money, power, and fame doesn't mean much when you're lost in the middle of nowhere.

Being aware of your (my) thoughts is another part of cherishing the time you have.

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Evan said...

Temporal connection with mortaliy enhanced by a seeming slowing of time which lends contrast to how fast it generally moves past us.

Temporal Connection/Social Disconnect. Sounds like a book title.